Nov 2, 2009

Morning Cheer

As previously mentioned, I've injured my foot somehow. I still don't understand how I--girl who doesn't like concerts because it's standing is too tiring, girl who drove five minutes to school everyday in high school, girl who thinks shampooing twice counts as arm exercise--injured herself. I don't do anything! How did this happen?

I'm still sitting around in my sweats and kitten heels (whose toes are taped together with tape. I feel so Liz Lemon) feeling ridiculous. It's almost worse now because I have my face all done up and my feet all fancy but then just a beater and Gryffindor sweatpants. Alas, what is there to do.

Needless to say, I needed some cheering up this morning before I could bring myself to take the trek to class and run errands this afternoon. That's when I remembered that one good thing did happen this weekend to cheer me up.

I learned I still look half Asian!

I was complaining to my friend Alexandra that being Sailor Saturn for Halloween was much easier when I still had my Asianface in 2004 when two of her roommates were like "What? You aren't mixed?" Total score.

Now I look half black and half Asian and half white. I know you think that math might not work, but take it from an award-winning mathlete--don't question stuff like that. It's much easier to just assume math is always right or else you have to learn theorums and quadrants and formulas or whatever else they do in math classes nowadays. It's really a win, win, win situation.

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