Jan 23, 2010


Sorry I've been so MIA from the blog lately. I have some things I want to write about, but currently I'm watching Roswell with Nina and you kids already know how I feel about that show.

To tide you over until then, I'll leave you with one more Roswell side-by-side along with a bonus one to make up for lost time.

So I have a problem where I just think of Michael Douglas and Martin Sheen as one person. I can't distinguish which one was in what or who fathered Emilio Esteve, the Mighty Duck Man, I swear to God! And so I looked up pictures of them tonight and realized it's because THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON!
Their stunning similarities make me feel OK about not being able to tell them apart in my mind.

And now for one more side-by-side until I retire the blog for the night.
Michael Guerin aka Brendan Fehr IS Ryan Cabrera, but less lame. Well, I can't really call R.C. lame. I did love his stint on the Ashlee Simpson show and have an entire album of his on my iTunes (which I listen to fairly regularly). But the hair! That fucking hair. Whenever I look at either of them all I see is this:
They both need to never go back to that goddamned Honeycomb monster mascot hair ever again and then we'll be all good.

Peace out for now.

Gossip Gennis

Jan 1, 2010

2010: Let's Get Serious

2009 is over. I don't think anyone's really upset about it. 2009 was not the greatest year. I ended up being kicked out of my dad's house (again), I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, my friend died. It kind of sucked.

All in all, the bad pretty much outweighed the good but I'm trying my best to stay positive. 2009 was also the year that I got my first apartment, the year I got closer to my New York friends, the year I went to Sweden, the year of Get Slutty 09, and the year I began to really appreciate my friends back home in a way I haven't in a long time. No matter how sad this break has been I have definitely found a new love and passion for all the U-Town Killers in my life. They are just sweet and goofy in a way people in New York just aren't. Part of me doesn't really want to go back to the city and just stay in the Midwest. I definitely fit in better here and it's great how close everyone is (location-wise and friendship-wise). Plus, my music selection is much more tolerated.

I think the way I rang in this new year is going to be very reflective of the way this year is going to play out. Much less blackout ridiculousness and much more just about being with people I actually care about, not some huge party full of strangers. Last night me and three of my best friends from high school plus one of their boyfriends just sat around my friend's apartment drinking gin & tonics (new favorite) and watching shit like Bridezillas and dancing. Oh, and
eating. Boy, did we eat. Cheese fries, chicken nugs, french fries, grilled cheese. All in the span of about half an hour. Then we fell asleep. It was nice. There was no stress, no drama, no annoyance. Just being with people I loved. We didn't even get really drunk at all, which might surprise you after watching this video but this is just what we do.
Well, actually this is much less weird that what we normally do.
Now, I never follow New Year's Resolutions. I don't have the willpower. What I do have though is a love of a good mission so this year I made myself a To Do List. Most of these things are to be done partnered with my wonderful roommate Kelly but there are a few that are solo acts. So here goes. Let's try to make 2010 just a little bit better than 2009.

The Great List of 2010:

-Go to Butter (Kelly and I are huge fans of Gossip Girl and on season one these hos were all about Butter so of course we have to go and act like idiots there the entire night calling each other by our GG names--I'm Eric btw)

-Appetizer Bar Crawl (Question: What's better than getting free food with your drink? Answer: Nothing. Kelly and I are planning a bar crawl that takes us wherever there are free appetizer or free buffet specials with your drink purchase. It shall be epic.)

-Go to the Times Square Olive Garden (Always the epitome of class, Kelly and I have dreamed of going to the Times Square Olive Garden since we became friends. The reasons are pretty self explanatory.)

-Go to Coney Island (I don't even really know what is actually at Coney Island but I want to go. I feel like it's just something you need to do at least once living in New York.)

-Go to more of our neighborhood bars. Specifically the Brooklyn Country Club and Ontario (Kelly and I really need to stay in our apartment less and wear bras more, but we're lazy so I feel like if we just go to bars within about 5 minutes of our house we'll be more motivated to move. We've heard the BCC is really fun and I just want to go to Ontario to do some Let's Go To The Mall karaoke.

-Go on a blind date/date with someone we met online (Last year Kelly and I set up Crazy Blind Date accounts when we were bored and put horrible pictures and things like "Interests: Talking about robots, being sassy." Needless to say, we got zero dates. But now, we actually want to do it because we're curious and love a good hilarious and awkward adventure. Of course now CBD won't let us set up new accounts, but once we figure that out this is so on!

-Get a real pair of shoes (I'm almost 20 years old and except for a few pairs of heels and my Puma's all of my shoes have cost under $30 are are falling apart. I state now that 2010 will be the year that I get a pair of flats and/or boots that last me more than a year. So say we all.)

-Go to Mars 2112 (This one is pretty much just the same reasons as the Times Square Olive Garden except with a little more of this:

-Get cable (Jersey Shore. Need I say more?)

-Get a new voicemail (PSYCH!!! You people are stuck with Toxic until all eternity. I'm sure after four years you're probably just used to it now anyways.)

-Participate in The Great American Challenge (Teams of four race to consume a 30 pack of beer, an eighth of weed, a large pizza, and finish a puzzle. I already have my team and we are so going to dominate.)

-Be a TV extra (Watch SVU and 30 Rock very carefully this year. Kelly and I will make it on.)

-Day drunk (Kelly and I are going to be a good mix of this:

And this:

-Weekend at Bernie’s 2 (I've had a little Die Hard syndrome with WaB's. I am so obsessed with the series yet have never seen the sequel because every time I want to I just end up watching the first one again. I finally saw the other Die Hard's last year so this year shall be the year for Bernie Lomax part deux. I mean, whenever music plays his dead body walks/dances towards buried treasure! It sounds too good to be true!)

-Get a job (Let me clarify that one: Get a job that pays! I hate being dependent on my parents so let's all just pray that this semester will be the one that I finally make some money of my own.)

-Dye my hair (I'm bored with everything. I can't get another tattoo or more piercings because I just don't really want any more. I'm also growing out my hair so I can't cut it yet. That just leaves dyeing it. Well, tinting it. I'm thinking about going for the Lily Aldrin season three.)

So wish me luck. I have 12 months to complete those tasks. Hopefully those will help making 2010 an improvement over last year. Happy New Year!