Aug 29, 2009

Hall & Oates Wrote It, And Now You're Living It

Something really upsetting just happened.

I was wasting time online so I decided to find out who the Internet would say is my VMars boyfriend. I took one and it gave me the answer everyone dreads:
That's right. Duncan. I would literally have been satisfied with any other answer. Logan, Dick, Beav (RIP), Weevil, Sheriff Lamb, Leo, Piz, Desmond Fellows, Big D, Landry, Wallace, Mercer. Fuck, even Papa Mars would have been better. Duncan is just such a wet blanket. Except that time he escaped to Australia and had Aaron Echolls killed. But other than that: LAME. I'm over it. And what makes this even more fucked up is when I took the Which VMars Character are You quiz they told me I was Lily. Kane-cest is so not as cool as Wincest.

To make matters worse I'm watching the series finale of Veronica for the umpteenth time and it still upsets me that this is the end.

I really write about this show too much but the boys on it are so damn hot. Plus, we don't have cable yet.