Nov 5, 2009

You Always Listen to the Counting Crows When You're Upset

I don't care if it's officially the weekend now. All I want to do tonight is sit on my futon under my roommate's cheetah Snuggie and watch geeky TV. Of course, the show I really want to watch is a bitch to watch online and somehow I have not obtained the full series DVD box set yet. In case you couldn't guess the show, I'm talking about Roswell. What a show. Top drawer, really. Sarah is such a goddess for bringing that into my life. Of course, if she hadn't I wouldn't be so upset with my lack of alien teen drama right now. But, to quote Max, "Well, we can't win 'em all."

(That came from one of my favorite episodes. It's the one where Max and Kyle get drunk and stalk Liz and Max changes her friends faces in a photograph all to his. HILARITY!).

To try to paint you a picture of how awesome this show is just read this review courtesy of (I've highlighted the best parts):

20 out of 21 people found the following comment useful :-
Roswell is - love in midst of mystery, trust in midst of fear and belief in midst of heresy., 28 November 2001

Roswell- mystery, enigma. There is some thing in Roswell that I can't put my finger on. And it is this that makes Roswell so very special. And suddenly - I believe in aliens. Whenever I see any of the episodes I feel as if everything is happening around me, as if I am one with the show. The characters of Roswell would stand out among a million others. Max, Michael, Isabelle, Liz and Maria - bonded by a secret. Max - so calm, so composed. Liz - unsure, disturbed yet optimistic. Michael- wild, impulsive. Isabel- though haughty yet with a faint touch of meekness. Maria- unsteady, 'on the edge' but true. Liz and Max, when together, depict everything beautiful in this world. The chemistry between them is so wonderful that it could make anyone wish to fall in love (all over again). The words spoken between them make time stand still, and make me feel like I'm the only audience to the most beautiful thing of the world. They, like, share an unspoken promise that, no matter what, they'd forever stand by each other. This is what that makes their relationship so special. It is a special relationship between special people The rest of the cast too carve a niche for themselves and make themselves felt against so strong a principal cast. And just to think I never knew about a place called Roswell, somewhere far away, where a secret will forever lay buried. P.S: At home, the first season of Roswell started this October (2001). And I am writing a review after having seen just six episodes.

That pretty much sums it up. Especially since 20 out of 21 people found that comment useful (seriously?) Since I don't have Roswell though, I've settled for a little of the Buffster which brought about a Roswell-related discovery. Glory (fucking "Glorificus"--what the fuck kind of name is that?) looks super similar to Katherine "I always try to get out of my contracts and bite the hand that feeds me" Heigl.


UPDATE: I forgot they had some Roswell on Hulu. GOD DOES LOVE ME!

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  1. Before Katherine Heigl was a douche. But I always did have a thing for Brendan Fehr over the guy that played Max... I believe my friend Nuala and I had a fan site about him.