May 15, 2010

New Boyfriend: David Tennant

I've been rabidly watching Doctor Who for the past month, which means I've also been rabidly falling in love with David Tennant. How has someone so cute and charming been off my radar for the past 20 years? Oh, and did I mention fucking awesome? Because he is fucking awesome.

On his "interactive" website (by that they just mean there are links. England might be 6 hours ahead, but I guess this site thinks they're about 20 years behind) under "Shop" they sell goddamn Goonies T-shirts so that you can "Get David's Look." (Heart!)

He also probably has the best Google Image search of all of my many boyfriends.

Exhibit A:
Now that's the way I like it! Well dressed, sassy, and g-a-y! I want to slobber all over him and that suit.

And then I run into a picture like this...
Not so sexy, but love him none the less.

I don't really know what's going on here and frankly, I don't really want to. I like to imagine he's not-so-slyly pointing at someone in the front row of the audience and mocking them. You really never know with him, because in addition to being totally adorbs, he's also hilarious.
I mean, COME ON! (Said in appropriate Gob Bluth tone).

If you didn't think this guy was the full package, that picture just proved it. If I played fucking Doctor Who I'd make sure all my business cards said Rev. Sadie Gennis, PhD and I'd say stuff like his shirt all the freaking time.

And have I mentioned how good my classic "(insert celebrity name) gay" search was for him?
True. Fucking. Love.