Jul 15, 2009

Bitch Slapped

So last night I fulfilled my obligation as HP Club Headmaster by going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I was pretty stoked. I had reread the book a week prior and had fallen in love with the series all over again. There was nothing that could bring me down from my HP induced excitement. Or so I thought. That piece of crap that they called Harry Potter was just The Golden Compass film all over again except this film didn't have something awesome like a polar bear ripping out another polar bear's jaw to make it worth while. Lavender Brown did make me laugh (but they never even used her name and the break up was all sorts of wrong) and the Weasley boys always play their parts well. Overall though, this film was the worst one yet. Worse than the fucking Order of the Phoenix film! Or Harry's acting in the first one. Just atrocious. I'm still livid thinking about it. Harry never found the diadem and Dumbledore never told him what the other Horcruxes probably were. Important Tom Riddle memories were lost along with Harry and Ginny's break up. Why Draco knew that Dumbledore was going to the Astronomy Tower without the fake dark mark and how he got the necklace to Katie Bell without Imperius Cursing the barmaid were tossed aside. All the mystery and suspense were lost and the took out the end battle (no one in Hogwarts noticed Death Eaters wandering the castle?) and replaced it with some random and irrational attack on the Burrow. I'm just so mad and so glad that Sarah and I are on our way to Sweden so I can forget about this horror.