Dec 25, 2008

Merry Chuckin Christmas

So it's Christmas again. Time for presents and waffles and lounging around the house all day. So while I'm sitting here in bed drinking out of my new CamelBak water bottle (I don't even have to sit up to drink!) and wait for the MegaVideo time limit to lapse so I can continue watching Battlestar I've been enjoying the Interweb. More specifically watching videos of Chuck Bass on YouTube. I've always been such a big fan of Wincest and even though Chuck isn't a ghosthunter in love with his brother I totally dig the Chuck/Nate vids. Plus there are even Ed/Chace ones, which also fall in line with my Wincest obsession (everyone knows the two Dean's are doing it in real life).

My point is that while watching gay fan vids and Chuck tributes I noticed something kind of disturbing. So many of the terrible and trashy background songs and personal favorites of mine. Hell, Cry Me A River has been a ringtone of mine for over a year and Toxic has been my voicemail since I was 15 or 16. This is like loving theme songs or commercial jingles...but trashier. I have the music taste of a 14 year old girl with lifesize posters of Jake Gyllenhall on her wall (I actually used to have a lifesize Zac Efron but it fell down. I do still have my Will Smith cutout and my Frodo). I'm totally still a trashy tween at heart and I'm Ok with that.

On another note out of all the videos I watched none made me laugh more than this one. Could they not have at least changed up the picture? Everytime I watch it I just cannot contain myself when he starts repeating "I'm" and talking about how he's delicate. It's a really top notch video. Classy, well made. Art, really.

Dec 17, 2008

Christmas Came Early

I was already a huge fan of but now I'm a fanatic. They are geniuses over there. Amazon already has almost anything you could ever want but they really stepped it up now with the "Add to Wish List" button that goes right into your bookmark dock! Now I can add anything from any site to one convenient, wonderful wishlist. So thank you, Amazon.

This new feature might be a little too good seeing as that's all I'm doing when I should be studying for my last final.


Dec 15, 2008

Conspiracy Theory 2008

First The Mentalist steals from Psych and that travesty gets swept under the rug (horrible, definitely, but I can live with it). But this--this needs to be investigated. If my dreams were to come true and I woke up as Veronica Mars then I'd solve this case. But alas, I'm no spunky, cynical, teen detective. So let's gather the troops and solve this group-effort-style. Here are the facts:

1. Psych episode Lights, Camera,...Homicidio airs Jan. 2008 where a murder takes place on the set of a soap due to a prop knife being switched out with a real knife.
2. Jimmy Smits stabs a stuntman after he accidentally picks up the real knife instead of the prop knife on Oct. 2008.
3. Stage actor slits his own throat on stage when the prop knife was switched out for a real one on Dec. 12, 2008.

So let's get this straight: less than a year after the fictional story airs on everyone's favorite psychic/crime/buddy comedy show two real and near identical events happen to occur. Unlikely.

This is not a case of coincidence nor fact. This is high profile conspiracy drama.

Possible culprits, you ask? I'm still working on that. Here's the list so far

Crispin Glover (Reasons: Obvious)
Aaron Echolls (Reasons: Statutory rapist, murderer, cheater, and just a plain douchebag)

Spaghetti Cat (Reasons: I can barely eat spaghetti. I definitely don't trust a cat who knows how)
The Mobile Alabama Leprachaun (Reasons: I don't trust that sketch, and I don't trust him)

That's all I got so far. Any help I can get to VMars this shit is quite welcome.

Legal Lesson

Skateboarding is NOT a Crime

Thanks Cassidy, for that very important lesson.

Dec 10, 2008

Wherefore Art Though Hobo?

So here at the New School we get 175 big ones per semester to spend at our "cafeteria" but at the end of each semester your remaining balance is erased. One of my friends had spent about zero dollars this semester and didn't want all that money and potential overpriced organic food to go to waste. I met her after class at the supposed cafeteria where we loaded up four bags with drinks, sandwiches, bagels, cream cheese, cookies, crackers, you name it. Then we went out hobo hunting.

It's the holiday spirit, you know? Giving and all that. And we're in New York City, how hard can it be to find some beggars? Near impossible is the answer. We walked around for over two hours with these enormous and heavy bags looking for a homeless person. None. They had all disappeared. All we wanted to do was give away this food so we could go Christmas shopping. Win, win, win day. That was the plan. But no, our feet hurt, our arms killed us, I have some blisters on my hands from these goddamn bags. Eventually we had to ditch a bag of drinks near a subway entrance. It was survival. Then the lords above smiled on us and we ran into a very kind man asking for change. Hallelujah. Everyone left feeling good and we could finally go to the Marc by Marc store, the original plan for the afternoon. Then it rained.

And on this wonderful, dreary, exhausted, wet walk home do you know what we saw? About ten homeless men on the street asking for change and food. Where had they been four hours ago? There's no where else. It was as though someone had glamored us or done that creepy thing Tess did in Roswell where she overrides your vision. No other option. Some vampire or alien tried to stop our charity work.

And no my Battlestar Galactica won't load and I'm sore and tired and kind of hungry. But I have few groceries and don't actually have money to buy more until January. The irony.

Mozzerella Stick Hamster

So we've all heard of Spaghetti Cat. He's the real breakout star of 2008 (sorry, JoBros). And now there's Broccoli Kitten? It just makes me wonder what else one could find on YouTube by just typing in two of your favorite things. Which of course leads me to an old throw-back favorite, brought to me by the always fabulous, always inappropriate, Sarah. It is always dedicated to anyone who ever wondered what exactly comes up on YouTube if you type in "Josh Groban" and "Jurassic Park." Here's to you.

Dec 8, 2008


After weeks of constant television disappointment plus having the frustration of waiting for Christmas break the gods have finally smiled on me. In addition to starting off my day seeing Stacey Farber I just had the perfect nightcap of an AH-MAY-ZING Gossip Girl. Not only did my boyfriend Chuck look extra-delectable with his disheveled hair (totally rocked the Edward Cullen. Maybe even did it better than the vamp himself. Much better jaw line on the my Bassboo), but the Chuck-Blair romance is better than anything I've ever witnessed, maybe even Tightanic. I totally called the surprised baby ending though. It was either that or she used to be a man. I'm so glad it wasn't the latter. And the promo for next week has gotten me more excited about television and possibly real life than anything. Ever. Ok. Maybe I'm exaggerating. But it looks incredible. If Chuck dies though I'm quitting the show. It'd just be too painful.

My Life is Now Complete

Sitting outside my Veiling and Revealing class this morning was everyone's favorite cutter: Ellie Nash. Even though I kind of used to hate her on the show my singular goal this year has been to have some Degrassi stalkage. Now I can finally concentrate on my school work, thanks Elle.