Mar 21, 2010

Spring Break: There Were Trees Involved

This bus ride is giving me an ample amount of free time which I have decided to fill with detailing my spring break in detail. The first part of my spring break adventures is right here in case you want a refresher. If not, do continue reading.

Alexandra is a "nature person". It's gross, I know. She likes biking and hiking and all that mess. She even repeatedly woke up early to excercise! I preferred to sleep in or watch ABC Family in my pjs. Sometimes I did humor her though and allowed her to take me on excursions into the outside world. Our last day, Alexandra decided to pack a picnic and take me on a hike. We got lost. I was not happy. She thought it was hysterical.

Lost in the Woods from Sadie Gennis on Vimeo.
Eventually we did find the field she was looking for and it turned out to be a very nice dinner. Took some pictures, rolled around, and messed with Alexandra.

Spring Break with Alexandra from Sadie Gennis on Vimeo.

While it was nice to be out of the cement plastered city, most of the time we were out and about I just didn't know what to do with nature. It was all alive but stationary and brown and green and stuff. What do you do with that?
Alexandra tried to make me less awkward by instructing me to "jump in the air!" but that just made it worse. Air-jump pics and I do not get along. They just expose my awkwardness and enhance it exponentially. Examples A, B, C, and the most recent addition, D:
And keeping with the theme of forcing me to do things I don't like, Alexandra even took me on a night-nic to some railroad tracks off a highway by some water. This would have been fine and all if her mom hadn't just told us a story of a midget serial killer who walked along the rails murdering everyone he encountered. I got too scared after about five seconds and made us move to a rock closer to the road.
So while nature really isn't my thing, I did have a really great time and will miss the trees, grass, stars, etc once I'm back in the city. I was planning on trying to explore the little nature escapes the city does have by going to a bunch of parks and the waterfront this week, but the weather is supposed to be pretty foul. Oh well! I'm a week behind on TV anyways. Now I won't have that pesty fresh air to distract me from The Good Wife.

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