Mar 21, 2010

Spring Break: The Basics

It's hard for me to realize that I have to get back to real life tomorrow. I've been on spring break for the past week living in the magical dream world of Hanover with Alexandra. The worst part is I cant just ease back into the realm of school and responsibilities. We have a huge mid-term exam tomorrow, one which I'm not even close to done studying for. That's what I get to look forward to the second I deboard the bus I'm currently on (which is unfortunately not the marvelous Dartmouth Coach that we took last week which had free snacks, drinks, and wifi).

The past week was great though. I spent a little over a straight week with Xandra and we didn't bicker or kill each other. Though, just a few minutes ago was the closest we got to when I realized Alexandra had deleted a precious pic from my camera. If you know me, then you should know you do not fuck with my camera. If you ask me to not put a picture up, I won't. But I won't delete it. The problem was quickly solved through by a little game of Jinj-a-leen, a game the wonderful Renzo's taught me. Basically, you pretend your hand is a phone and you go "Jinj-a-leen! Jing-a-leen!" until the other person answers the "phone." You then proceed to suggest something bad or confrong them on something bad they did. The perp then responds with all the reasons that it was a bad idea. It's kind of an ingenious game. I'm a little bit obsessed.

Other than these rousing moments of Jinj-a-leen, Alexandra and I did many other excited things in New Hampshire. Well, maybe not exciting according to traditional standards. We were sober the whole time (excusing half of a way too old Miller, alcohol did not even touch my lips). From Friday until Tuesday our days mainly consisted of hanging out with Alexandra's parents and lounging around. Even once with her parents had left for Arizona we still spent a large majority of our time hanging our with other people's parents (Hanover is this weird family-oriented zone. It's kind of strange). While visiting Xandra's ex-boyfriend's parents I was even shown my first sugar house. I assume you, like I only a few days ago, have no fucking clue what a sugar house is. It's where you make maple syrup and is actually pretty sweet (no pun intended). There were some batshit crazy kids there and I sucked syrup straight from a tube stuck in a tree before downing a glass of the finished product. Fun syrup fact: It takes 40 gallons just to make one gallon of the ready to pour syrup.

And yes, it was that kind of spring break: the kind where I enlighten you with fun facts about syrup.

Even though St. Patrick's Day landed over our vacation we didn't go out partying or do anything remotely wild. We went to CVS with a five dollar limit to find the stupidest things before going back to her crib and working our way through an entire QuizFest magazine. The results actually kind of scared us with their accuracy. Unfortunately tough, we never did make it to playing the greatest game ever invented.
Alexandra and I also spent a huge portion of our time on vacation wearing various pairs of glasses. Don't ask, there really was no reason.
It is also currently one of my favorite seasons. No, not spring. It's prom season!
And one way that you can tell when you've found a good friend is when they, with no warning, come out of a room wrapped in scarves wrapped in scarves and draped in Native American necklaces and you don't ask for an explanation. You just poof up your hair, glitterize your face, and slap on some temp tattoos.
One of the funniest parts of the trip was comparing Alexandra and I's eating habits. If I may quote the girl, "I only need three things in my life: sex, the sun, and homemade potato salad." And boy, did that girl eat potato salad.
I preferred the brownies and coconut cake with raspberry sauce (not as much as Xandra's mom though. She freaked out when her husband sneakily hid the cake from her one night. In his defense though, we had already had dessert at a family friend's house just fifteen minutes before).

So pretty much, I spent an entire week in Star's Hollow and loved it. I know you're jealous.

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  1. I am jealous. Good luck on the midterm-why do professors do that? They are evil and karma's gonna get them someday!