Feb 1, 2010

New Years Update

So I know I've kind of dropped the ball this year with the whole blogging thing. Joonbug usually blogs me out during the week and I'm still kind of catching up on sleep from winter break. I really promise that I will start updating more and speaking of updates, here's where I stand on my 2010 To Do List thus far.

In the first month of the year I have accomplished not one, but two of my goals. First off, dye my hair. No longer will people tell me I have black hair (it was brown, for your information). Now, I am a verrry dark brown auburn and I am loving it. I think I'm going to keep dying it, at least until I go home for the summer. Here's a nice little side-by-side of the before and after so you can marvel at the beauty.
Next off, Kelly and I finally got cable. And not just basic cable--we have 150 channels in two rooms PLUS two dvrs all for $35 a month. It is incredible and I'm kind of obsessed. And now that I can watch TV on an actual TV I think I'll blog more since it will allow me easier multi-tasking.

I think the most important thing that has come from all of this is my re-newed love for Johnny Weir. I have been searching for Be Good Johnny Weir online since it's debut and hadn't been able to find it anywhere. Now, I get Sundance Channel which means I have a season pass to the show and am going to avoid deleted episodes--at. all. costs. It's the new Hey Paula!
I really wish that I was more awake so that I could devote more time and effort to my love of Johnny Weir and of course, my other new love, my beta fish, Lucille. Yes, you've heard that right. Kelly and I got two beta fish, Buster and Lucille. Aren't we funny? We're kind of obsessed and are considering becoming "fish people."

Oh, that also reminds me--this year hasn't all been honkey-dorey so far. I am officially cursed. Do not hang around me at the semester beginning/end. The weekend fall semester started, I was roofied. The weekend it ended, my friend passed away. And now, the weekend this semester started, Nina and I decided to leave my cozy apartment and head over to hers (about a five minute walk) at about midnight because all of our friends were there. I grab my wallet in case I decided to buy a beer outside her apartment and then go back to grab my camera because it was the last night of break and who knew what hilarious antics might occcur, right?

Nina and I get about one block outside my apartment when a man pulls a gun on us and takes both of our purses and my cell phone. It was terrifying and horrible and just terrifying inconvenient.
I lost everything--my debit card, my new metrocard, my lisence, my fake ID, my student ID, my camera, my keys, and my Aquafor. What. The. Fuck. We had to get our locks changed and all this bullshit. I'm over it.

So yeah, that was January in a nutshell. I really will try to be better at this blogging stuff more for the rest of the year. I mean, Sadie Gaga is coming up, so that should be pretty fabulous.

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