Feb 10, 2010

Get LOST, Losers

When it comes to my friends, I rarely get mad. I get annoyed and frustrated and need to vent sometimes, but mad? Not really. I can't remember the last time I came close to yelling at a friend of mine, not that last night was a serious fight. I was just incredibly, incredibly annoyed to the point of anger. You see, what had happen'd was--

We were all over at The Girls apartment (a misleading name seeing as one of the roommates is a boy named Willie) and since it was a Tuesday I mentioned how stoked I was about getting home and watching LOST on my DVR. My friend had just recently started watching the show and I asked her how far she was. She said she was on season two but had watched part of the new premier.

What. The. Fuck.

I was shocked. She then went on to exclaim that, to her surprise, she couldn't follow it! And that even the time switches were different. I didn't even know how to respond at first. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people skip around on tv shows that aren't floopy sitcoms (ex: Friends, Seinfeld, etc--though, I might add, How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that you do need to watch in order. I made the mistake of treating it like King of Queens for a month. Long story short: I made a huge mistake).

This is also my friend who started watching Dollhouse at the second season premier and "couldn't get into it." DUH! History within in a show is so important. I really shouldn't have been surprised when she did this latest flub. What really upset me is that she thought she could jump four seasons ahead in LOST and still comprehend and enjoy it. Clearly, this girl is not getting what she should out of the show. LOST is a mental masterpiece. It's an incredible puzzle and mystery and if you don't understand that within a single episode the entire series can change directions one hundred times over. To treat LOST like any other show is insulting and disrespectful to TV and Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and me and everyone else who loves this show. It's like thinking you know better than the writers. If they wanted you to have the information from season six in season two, they would have given it to you earlier.

My other friend went to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant for restaurant week and ordered duck. There was a lot of fat on it and she considered cutting it off, but then she thought to herself, "If this is how Gordon wants it, this is how I'll eat it. He knows best." That is the exact same mindset and respect with which you need to treat LOST and other high-caliber tv shows and fuck anyone who says different.

Though, not actually fuck my friend because I love her and she really is awesome.

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  1. Two things:

    I totally watched the premier of LOST, even though I haven't watched seasons 4 or 5 yet. And obviously I had very little idea what was going on but I kind of did it because I'd lost (hehe) my motivation to keep watching and after seeing the premier I was interested again. Plus all my roommates had friends over and there were a bunch of people watching it in my living room so what the hell was I gonna do? Go upstairs and play music real loud? Fuck it.

    Gordon Ramsey's duck has a lot of fat on it because that is the entire fucking point of duck. If you don't like fat, don't order the duck. Don't order bacon either. And miss out because it's awesome.