Jan 23, 2010


Sorry I've been so MIA from the blog lately. I have some things I want to write about, but currently I'm watching Roswell with Nina and you kids already know how I feel about that show.

To tide you over until then, I'll leave you with one more Roswell side-by-side along with a bonus one to make up for lost time.

So I have a problem where I just think of Michael Douglas and Martin Sheen as one person. I can't distinguish which one was in what or who fathered Emilio Esteve, the Mighty Duck Man, I swear to God! And so I looked up pictures of them tonight and realized it's because THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON!
Their stunning similarities make me feel OK about not being able to tell them apart in my mind.

And now for one more side-by-side until I retire the blog for the night.
Michael Guerin aka Brendan Fehr IS Ryan Cabrera, but less lame. Well, I can't really call R.C. lame. I did love his stint on the Ashlee Simpson show and have an entire album of his on my iTunes (which I listen to fairly regularly). But the hair! That fucking hair. Whenever I look at either of them all I see is this:
They both need to never go back to that goddamned Honeycomb monster mascot hair ever again and then we'll be all good.

Peace out for now.

Gossip Gennis

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