Feb 17, 2010

Go, Johnny, Go

This is my quickly thrown together post about my boyfriend of boyfriends: Johnny Weir.
Now, I know I'm biased, but I truly do believe Johnny was underscored at the Olympics on Thursday. My baby finished in sixth place under Lambiel! While that man is an incredible skater, he did not bring it to the ice that night. Johnny, on the other hand, killed! Absolutely slayed! He deserved at fourth or at least fifth. Obviously, I was rooting for third, but that was in my wildest dreams. But you know what? Johnny's happy and proud of him performance and so I'm just going to be happy for him because we're in love.

And there are so many reasons why I love him. He's sassy, he's funny, he puts on a blonde wig and glasses then sits in a bubble bath pretending to be a foreign journalist interviewing his best friend/roommate. He's just incredible.

The best part about Johnny Weir is that in addition to being such an enigmatic person, he is also one of the world's most talented skaters. It still astounds me that he didn't start skating until he was twelve and did an axel jump the first week on skates after just watching people do it on tv. How. Fucking. Bad. Ass!!!!!!

If you are unfamiliar with Johnny, I highly recommend checking out his website--specifically the section entitled "favorites." If you don't want to go through all of that, I'll give you some of the highlights here.

Favorites is separated into many categories. There are the classic staples such as musical artists, books, films, color, etc.

And then it gets weird.

Ever want to know Johnny's favorite airlines? Animals? Collectibles? Furs? Jeans? Spas? He's pretty much got it all covered. There's even an old section for "Hot Things For Fall 2009." I really wish he'd update it for Summer 2010 because how else will I know what the best "Object of Desire" is?

Not surprisingly, Johnny's musical favorites are all dominated by Lady Gaga, other AT40 artists and a bunch of Russian artists I don't know.

His favorite female actresses are also a personal favorite of mine:
Cate Blanchett, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Steep, Parker Posey, Cloe Sevigny, & Blythe Danner

Very telling, don't you think, but I think he forgot Bernadette Peters and the Swinton...

Also, one of Johnny's favorite weathers is "full moons." Though it's not quite a real 'weather', I looove it.

Plus, I once dined at Balthazar--one of Johnny's favorite restaurants. It's like we're soulmates!

The best part about Johnny's favorites page is by far the quotes, for this simple reason: He has five quotes listed. Two from Tolstoy, one from Aleksander Pushkin, and two from Christina Aguilera. How awesome is that? (Answer: So awesome you can't put it into words.)

I know this post is all over the place. I just get really flustered when it comes to JG. Here's a little video I found of baby Johnny skating to *Nsync to make up for the crap that was this post.

Or you could just watch this one again and again.

LIES LIES LIES! Just watch this one. If Plushenko had skated more like this last night, he would have taken gold home for sure and beaten that skating robot, Evan Lysacek.

Also, I realized Evan is just like all those guys in cliche rom-coms. He needs to be on a cross-country road trip with a free spirit so that he can learn to loosen up and enjoy life and his companion could learn about responsibility. Or just lock him and Johnny in a room for a week. I think Evan's head would explode and we wouldn't have to worry about him anymore.

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