Nov 11, 2009

A Gift to You on This Very Special day

Today, as I'm sure few of you know, is Veterans Day, a holiday no one really gives a fuck about. No one except LaQuesha that is.

Many years ago, back in a small town called Urbana, there was a girl named KT. Now KT went to public school where she became used to people saying hilarious, but very stupid things (ex: "Watergate? Ain't that a type of Gatorade?"). One thing did stand out to KT though, and it went on to become one of her personal favorite (as well as mine) catchphrases generated from Urbana High School.

Setting: First day of school
We open on all the kids standing up, saying there name and two things about themselves. It's now LaQuesha's turn.

LaQ: My name's LaQuesha. And I liked fried chicken and Vet'ranssss Day.
Teacher: Umm.....LaQuesha, why do you like Veterans Day so much?
LaQ [very sassy]: Cause---ain't--nobody else--like-Vet--rrrannnsss-Day.

So lets all honor our military veterans (and LaQuesha) with some good ol' fashion fried chicken and hilarity today.

Happy Veterans Day!

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  1. I should have made fried chicken for dinner. Huge mistake.