Nov 16, 2009

I Don't Like It In Here

The always inappropriate Sarah just left after a weekend visit full of debauchery and limes. We sat, we ate, we drank, we lied, we talked about Josh Groban a lot, and we started a war.
If you like these, then follow us on Twitter because this war ain't slowin' down. Feel free to join in and help insult Sarah (hint: she really likes A.I.: Artificial Intelligence). But really, it was a great weekend. Sarah and I understand each other like Dick and Constance. We both take our vodka shots with lime and enjoy naming other people's dogs after hilarious classical pop singers.

Ok, that first one wasn't true. That was just drunken me who didn't realize that I was holding vodka and not tequila, but I'm pretty sure I still made her do it. Totally counts. One of the funniest parts of the weekend (all parts of Friday night that I don't remember excluded) was when Sarah, Claude, and I were in my bed and I was about half-asleep when Sarah full on woke me up to go "Sadie! Sadie! What if instead of 'Too good to be forgotten' it was 'Too good to be au gratin!' Like with a potato!" So Happy Lisa Bonet & Dean McDermott's birthday. This one's for you guys:

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