Dec 25, 2008

Merry Chuckin Christmas

So it's Christmas again. Time for presents and waffles and lounging around the house all day. So while I'm sitting here in bed drinking out of my new CamelBak water bottle (I don't even have to sit up to drink!) and wait for the MegaVideo time limit to lapse so I can continue watching Battlestar I've been enjoying the Interweb. More specifically watching videos of Chuck Bass on YouTube. I've always been such a big fan of Wincest and even though Chuck isn't a ghosthunter in love with his brother I totally dig the Chuck/Nate vids. Plus there are even Ed/Chace ones, which also fall in line with my Wincest obsession (everyone knows the two Dean's are doing it in real life).

My point is that while watching gay fan vids and Chuck tributes I noticed something kind of disturbing. So many of the terrible and trashy background songs and personal favorites of mine. Hell, Cry Me A River has been a ringtone of mine for over a year and Toxic has been my voicemail since I was 15 or 16. This is like loving theme songs or commercial jingles...but trashier. I have the music taste of a 14 year old girl with lifesize posters of Jake Gyllenhall on her wall (I actually used to have a lifesize Zac Efron but it fell down. I do still have my Will Smith cutout and my Frodo). I'm totally still a trashy tween at heart and I'm Ok with that.

On another note out of all the videos I watched none made me laugh more than this one. Could they not have at least changed up the picture? Everytime I watch it I just cannot contain myself when he starts repeating "I'm" and talking about how he's delicate. It's a really top notch video. Classy, well made. Art, really.

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  1. yessssss comments.

    I can't believe Glittery Unicorn wasn't behind this. Oh wait, she has her muse.