Dec 8, 2008


After weeks of constant television disappointment plus having the frustration of waiting for Christmas break the gods have finally smiled on me. In addition to starting off my day seeing Stacey Farber I just had the perfect nightcap of an AH-MAY-ZING Gossip Girl. Not only did my boyfriend Chuck look extra-delectable with his disheveled hair (totally rocked the Edward Cullen. Maybe even did it better than the vamp himself. Much better jaw line on the my Bassboo), but the Chuck-Blair romance is better than anything I've ever witnessed, maybe even Tightanic. I totally called the surprised baby ending though. It was either that or she used to be a man. I'm so glad it wasn't the latter. And the promo for next week has gotten me more excited about television and possibly real life than anything. Ever. Ok. Maybe I'm exaggerating. But it looks incredible. If Chuck dies though I'm quitting the show. It'd just be too painful.