Nov 21, 2008

Memory Challenged McCalls

So a few years ago my other-half Katie told me a story her grandmother had recalled at some family gathering. To sum it up, way back in the day Katie had a black friend. The BFF's were hanging out one day when Katie just up and licked her pal, looked at her, and said "You don't taste like chocolate." Now, Katie claimed that her gma was just hyped up on Vicodin and made that up, which in her family is totally legit. Katie herself had many dreams as a child which up until last year she had believed were real (It turns out she did not have a rocket swing, or a room full of dressers to jump around on, while doing which she almost killed her sister). Well last night while waiting in line for Twilight I regaled my fellow Twihard with this story after which she just stared at me until she said:

That's from Corrina, Corrina.

After further investigation (aka Imdb) I found the scene which my friend was referring to where Molly asked "Do you taste like chocolate?" It might not be a perfect match but when you're all hopped on painkillers I can forgive the misquote. The inspiration for grandma's lies has been found and it makes what was already one of my favorite stories that much better. I wish my grandmother would tell me tales of my life that were really from Whoopi Goldberg films.