Nov 23, 2008

I Don't Even like Space that Much

I'm hooked.

Battlestar Galactica has officially taken over my life. All the time I wasted, shrugging it off as some lame Star Trek knock-off or something. I didn't even know anything about it.

I should have known it was good though. I couldn't have known how good, but still, I should have known enough to give it a try. The Veronica Mars references should have been enough. They have high standards, obviously.

So I need to thank my dear friend Sarah for prompting me to start watching. Thank you for giving me the gift of good tv. I feel as only you know how important a gift that is.

And I hope Billy's a cylon. I miss him and we're in love.

He's the Beaver of Battlestar. Though we all know how that one turned out.

So say we all.