Nov 18, 2008

I'ts Only Tuesday, But..

This week of tv blows.

No one's gotten laid on Gossip Girl in weeks! That's like taking the nudity out of Playboy. Blair has barely even schemed. Lil J looks looks Pat Benetar and David Bowie's bratty demonchild. Dan and Aaron are both total puss's. Vanessa is still blowing as always. Nate is actually becoming one of the more interesting characters. I don't like it. The preview for next week gives me hope though. It promises some Bass lovin, and now that I'm back to the long-distance thing I need that distraction. I also think that this will be the episode were Bart finally croaks, opening up the Rufus-Lily romance to blossom and get a little hot and heavy. I just need someone to have sex on that show. I don't care who. I'd even settle for some J on N right about now. Gossip Girl-give me sex or give me death. That is all I have to say.

One of the only things I love more than Chuck Bass is vampires. So obviously I'm a little obsessed with True Blood. I was flipping out last week when there were only two episodes left. Like with the final Harry Potter I was sad for it to end but jonesing to keep going. Only now my fire's a little put out. I'm hoping that there's some crazy Law and Order type of twist and that they really didn't give away the killer that easily because that took the cliff out of cliff hanger.

And you know it's a bad week for tv when the highlight thus far has been Heroes. The Sylar/Elle sexual tension last night pretty much made my week. It was only second to the Blair/Chuck lovin I had been waiting for the hour before. Plus, it fits in so perfectly with my plan to be Veronica Mars. As long as I never had to choose between Logan and Slyar, that is.

I know it's only Tuesday and it's a little soon to write off the whole week but I can't help it. First impressions do matter and bad first half throws off all the rest. Even Dexter last night, which I'm pretty sure was suppossed to leave me on the edge of my seat "OMFG"ing put me to sleep. Literally. This is the week before Thanksgiving for crying outloud! Give me some I Hate Rachel clubs or awkward guest stars pretending to be judgemental estranged mothers.

At least I have Twilight on Thursday.