Nov 18, 2008

Hamster? I Hardly Know Her!

Let's talk about Bolt.

Normally, an animated film featuring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus would be pretty low in my favor. Unless it's Grease or Pulp Fiction, JT just grimes me out. And yes, I have watched Hannah Montana and yes, I have laughed and sang along. (I also may have asked for my mom to pay off her "Fine, I started smoking again" debt with me by taking me and a friend to the 3D concert-win, win, win, you know? Good times for me, teach my mom a lesson--J. Walter Weatherman was booked, and awkward times for my friend). But MiCy is no Hannah, and now that I don't have access to that jewel of a tv sitcom, Hannah fades from my memory only to be replaced by superslut Miley. That leaves no celebrity induced inclination to see it and while the plot would have enticed me as a child, I stopped thinking I was some sort of Sadie of the Wolves at the age of eight so the dog angle is lost on me. But oh, poor poor boyfriend. The first order of business for our next reunion is to go it. Why you might ask? One simple reason:
If that is not the cutest thing you have ever seen then something is wrong with you. I do have to admit, I sort of have this hamster thing. I just think they are cuter than babies, Keropi, kittens, you name it. A cute hamster trumps all, and the fatter the better. My poor boyfriend once again falls vicim to my obsession. The final ten minutes of our last phone call were completley spent with me giggling to myself as I googles pictures of my favorite rodent. His pains weren't for nothing though. This post shall reap the rewards of his trials and tribulations. I present: Adorable Hamsters 2008.These picture really make me miss Buckles, Zipper, Buttons and all my other childhood hammies. Oh, and yeah, we did name all of our hamsters after fastening devices. But there they are: the cutest damn things the Internet contains nowadays. Enjoy.