Mar 9, 2010

It's Oh So Kawaii-ite

Did you get that pun in the title? The mix of the Japanese word for cute with the Bjork song "It's Oh So Quiet"? GET IT?!? Well, actually you can't really get it until you read on and learn what this post is about, so please continue...

I have been looking extra asian recently. It started around my birthday and I just figured this was God's present to me for the start of this new decade. But now I realize that the All-Mighty's plan was far more complex than just that. He stepped his game up to a whole other level yesterday.

You see, had you been following my tweets from last night you may have noticed this one:

Yes, you read that right. Asian girl red. I was just trying to retint my hair a similar auburn shade to the one I did in January, but oh no! That is not at all what happened.

If you don't know what AGR is, then you must be blind or have never met a hip asian in your life. Though it was surprisingly hard to find pictures of it on the interweb. I did try my best though.

And now, compare those to me. In fact, why don't we do a nice side-by-side.

Yuuup. That happened.

The best/worst part about this whole accidental AGR situation is the roots. Oh, good lord, the roots!

You see on my roots, my hair is not Asian girl red--it's just red! You can't tell that bad unless it's under direct light and it doesn't even show up that well in pictures, but let's take a look now, shall we?

Yeaaaahh......that's cool, I guess.

I actually really find this whole situation kind of hysterical. Today at school people were complimenting the new 'do and I was just like "THANKS! It was a totaly accident-disaster. Glad to know I can work it though!" So I'm just going to keep it and let it fade out, allowing my hair dyeing days to disappear into the past.

So that's what's going on with my hair lately. Oh, and speaking of, there was also some fabulous wig action for my birthday a few weeks ago. It was oddly the second year in a row that I donned a blonde wig for my bday too.

I'm very strange sometimes.
 2010                                                                      2009

Things like that is why I really believe I would have been a much better gay man than I am a straight women. I mean, hell! I'm already attracted to gay face so hard and live for the three G's: Glitter, Gay face, Gossip (I really wish there was a "G" word for pizza because that sooo would have been the third).

I feel like I got really off topic here. So let's just recap. In the past three months my hair has gone through the following transition:
And you got a few hints at how absurdly flamboyant I am. Great. 

Hopefully I'll have time for a real blog post in the upcoming week because I won't be bogged down with that waste of time called "classes."


(And remember kids, Forever Slutty, Forever 09)


  1. The reason your roots are so much redder than the rest of your hair is because the heat from your head makes the dye work faster. This is most noticeable when people bleach their hair and he roots come out white and the rest is this dingy yellow. It's happened to me a hundred times. Next time try using a blow dryer on the rest of your hair to even in out. Or just try not to pick an Asian girl red shade out at the store.

  2. Did you use the same dye both times? It is always a bit of a crap shoot as to how your hair will turn out any time you dye it. I go to a professional now and it still looks different every time. Little surprises every six weeks! Wish I could see it up close and personal...Love the side-by-sides! Also love how you said that you would be a better gay man than a straight women. Oh, the change in meaning with one little letter. Does this imply that you have some multiple personality disorder?