Dec 11, 2009

I Am Now Officially Published

Yes, you read that right. As of today I am a published writer.

Ok, so JoonBug isn't really known for it's blogs. I don't even know if anyone even reads them. But they should. In fact you should all get a really big interest in Las Vegas life right now and start reading the goddamn JoonBug Las Vegas blog. It's awesome! I might be a little biased but still.

Though my old internship wasn't bad, I am just loving my new one. In fact, it isn't really an internship. I'm an Outside Markets Editor (I had to check the website to learn what my job title was):
See how important I am? Well, not really. Maybe if I was they would pay me. But still, it's awesome. Today I wrote three pieces for the Vegas blog and two have already gone up.
One, about a new night club Vanity, and the other about Sarah and I's favorite summer film: The Hangover. Read them. Comment. Be in awe of my awesomeness.

I'm done being arrogant now. But truthfully, I really do love the new internship. It's completely independent. I research what stories would be good and them just pick one and start writing. Today I just felt so grown up. At my last internship everything you did was dictated but here I get to be in charge of what I do. I also met some friends for lunch today at Republic and just felt all adult. Leaving the office to grab a bite at a hip Union Square restaurant--so Sex & the City. My mom would have loved it.

So anyways, I guess the point of this whole article is Happy Chanukkah! Let's get drunk!

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