Sep 29, 2009

This Is How We Do It (AWK Edition)

I've been doing a lot of heavy drinking lately. This is the one downside to not really getting sick or that hungover, you never really learn your lesson. But then there are those moments that only came about because you were shwasty wasty-finding nemo-sleepovers-getting drunk-drunk that make it all worthwhile. (That was an inside joke that I don't think anyone who reads my blog will understand. But Katie and Bri, if you ever do, that one was for you!)

It's bad, but I'm kind of glad I've been doing the party thing so much lately. For the first time in three years (it's our anniversary today actually) I'm single-ish and feel independent. Charlie never wanted to go out, drink, or smoke and I spent so much of last year talking on the phone and missing him I barely left my dorm room. And it's not like going out to bars or going to/throwing dance parties is really doing something when you think of it in terms of all the wild opportunities New York City offers, but I'm in college for Christ's sake! And now I actually feel that way.

The New School is such a weird environment with no sense of community and so many people I mock and hate. It's bad, but going to parties reminds me of home and how college life there works. I mean, I do other things here too (went to a live radio show taping on Friday for instance), but the past few weeks the highlights have definitely been the trucked, whamied, and wasted ones. And I'm Ok with that.

Where else would you get the memory of my roommate and I balled up on the kitchen floor at 3 am in stiches after I yell out "I'm wearing all white!!!!...But it's ok! It's not after labor day!!!" (It was, in fact, the day before Labor Day). And then waking up the next morning to this:

In case you couldn't tell, that's a cookie sheet which had been used for nachos made with slices of American cheese (surprisingly delicious), a literal pot full of brownies, a stuffed animal rabbit who had been beaten so badly the night before his face had become even more squooshed, and a bunch of other mess that hadn't been there when we had left to go out. This picture really can't even capture the mess Kelly and I made of the apartment that night before passing out while watching Veronica Mars (we often make it a habit to leave parties a little early so we stay awake enough to watch an episode of a tv show).

And without these party adventures we never would have had these precious moments:
So let's just all raise our glasses (or full wine bottle) to another few crazy weeks and just hope that Kelly will never have to drag me home passed out ever again. Mazel tov!

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  1. The second picture is totally Clueless, right? Genius.