Sep 28, 2009

They Really Will Never Let Go

I think it's very appropriate that the morning after the 90s party I threw last night I learn of this interesting piece of news.

Titanic (or Tightanic as Sarah and I like to call it) is going to be re-released in 3-D. I'm a little wary of this whole 3-D aspect, but frankly I don't really care that much. I'm just pumped to go see Titanic in theaters. It'll be like 1997 all over again and that, my friends, was a good year. That was the year I watched Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead about a thousand times and it was the year my dad flew from New Mexico to Illinois with a turtle in his shirt pocket.

Sidenote about last night's party: Kelly and I were really not looking forward to hosting the party because we're both lazy fucks and didn't want to have to deal with the disgusting cleanup but to our delight we woke up and the only real mess there was to clean up were tons of feathers and scrunchies. The streamers even made it through the night! I think that's a pretty good reflection of how awesome of a party we throw.


  1. Maybe I should offer a blogging class, because I'm SHOCKED and offended that you didn't cite this. Where are you hearing this from? Is there a simulation I can see to know what I'm dealing with? I NEED MORE INFO!!!

  2. You think I would make such a rookie mistake? It's the link! I wrote the blog on blogging, beyotch.