May 11, 2009

I Give it an 8.3

So I've been on this Weekend at Bernie's kick for a while now and I kind of feel like the dude who posted this ad for Telepathic Advertising. I too am now realizing that TV and media are following my thoughts and desires. First Flight of the Conchords, then Chuck, and now Sit Down, Shut Up. Weekend at Bernie's is everywhere. I even watched it over the weekend as a pick-me-up. It worked wonderfully and I even realized another reason I love this movie so much. Bernie Lomax is the ultimate essence of nonchalance. That man keeps such a straight face the entire time he plays dead. He's like my idol. And probably my halloween costume next year. Oh, and I think I know why Bret brought up WAB2. He was clearly in this parody film, Weekend at Fidel's. I dare you to tell me it's not him. This is like Figwit all over again.

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