May 20, 2009

My Life: The Subscription

Google Reader is my new best friend. It enables me to have all my blogs, nicely categorized, in one easy to access location. I will never be behind on blogs again! I shall be the world's smartest girl for only minutes a day! Internet smart at least. Fuck book/street smart--except the TV show. That shit was awesome. But yeah, if you don't already use Google Reader, do it. It's awesome. And has allowed me to keep in touch with blogs I never would have remembered to check. Such beautiful gems as these:
I'd really recommend looking back through cake wrecks to the one that was supposed to be a congratulations on fatherhood. It truly is a "word journey."

1 comment:

  1. I follow somewhere near 3000 blogs. Plus I also have RSS feeds in Google Reader for Google News searches for items I'm interested in.

    My biggest monitor (24") is just for Google Reader. I wish it was a touch screen so I could organize stuff better and faster.