Apr 22, 2009

The Gig is Up

Yes, I watch American Idol. I'll admit it. But only because it's a thing I do with my boyfriend. We watch, we judge, we mock, we predict but most importantly, we don't vote. I don't care that much about Idol. It's just become this bonding thing we do together. I'm not a Claymate or a FANtasia or even a Glambert. But that does lead me into my next discussion.

Adam Lambert. Gay. Straight. Bi. Who cares? Well, a lot of people do which is why I think Adam is declining to comment. This guy Googles himself so much he bases his hairstyles of how fans prefer him. Boy is playing the game! Hence, the maybe not wanting to come out of the closet in the middle of a competition whose winner is almost entirely chosen by a bunch of middle-aged and tween Christian girls. He really has nothing to worry about. He's already won which kind of has taken all the fun out of watching (along with the fact I'm a billion miles away from my boyfriend and therefore are now watching without him, his soda to steal, his popcorn, or just anyone to listen to my wardrobe critques and snarky comments). My point is people are getting all up into a fuss about Adam mainly due to these photographs. After I first saw these I never really followed the dramz further until I came across this video:

First off: Sepia tone? This is 2009!!! I can make phone calls and play music through a windbreaker and you can even record a color video?
Before I was even given enough time to recover from the color scheme and horrible animations (kiss lips, really?) I was hit with maybe one of the stupidest things I have ever heard on the Internet. "Good looking people aren't gay."
I'm sorry, what? If that is how this girl bases sexuality she is in for a looooong life of singleness. It also just goes to support my theory that because of Adam Lambert. in eight years or so America will be overrun with faghags who fell so head-over-heels for the Glam Man that they went for guys like him the rest of their lives. Guys who meticulously styled their hair, wore makeup, tight fitting and fashionable clothing, overdramatic songs/showtumes, and--Oh yeah, make out with dudes. I know there are a lot of gay guys who aren't like that and there are a lot of straight guys who are, but stereotypes are often based on truths or result in them becoming true. I also don't get who this girl thinks is running the big Adam Lambert conspiracy but she seems very upset about it (fist slam!!!!). This girl goes on to tell the audience to "have an open mind" and that he can't be gay! He's Christian!!!! This girl needs to open her mind and smell the glitter!

I'm really sorry about this post. It's terrible. So forgive me, Sarah.

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