Oct 22, 2008

Mythic Creature or My New BFF?

The answer to that question is obviously my new best friend forevs. As a fan of everything oversized, miniturized, and furry this is like a dream come true. It hits two of my three favorite categories (a feat only previously accomplished by my disproportianate cat Faust).

This picture is my dreams come true and more. Is it even necessary to point out the sheer awesomeness of it's owner? No. The beret, the awkward smile, the Cosby sweater-it says it all.

It is necessary, however, to point out that he reminds me slightly of my dad but a little less Steve Martin and wearing wooden shoes.

One day I will own one of these and name him Rufus (Roofie for short) and he'll carry my other rabbits-to-be (Benjamin Linus and Baxter) around rodent koala-cab. Happily ever after...

PS. Watch out about showing this picture to your stoner friends. We once had to take away a friend's debit card to stop her from purchasing one of these bad boys after she and Mary-Jane had a little too much fun.