Oct 23, 2008

I Got a 12 Pack of Celebrity, but What I Want is a Handle.

I've been in NYC two months now, right in the heart of the Village. There's always something filming and celebrities strutting about the area. My friend sneezes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt says "Bless you." She drops her stuff on the street, Elizabeth Berkely picks it up. You know who I've seen?This guy. That's right, two months in the city and all I have to show for it is 12 pack from the I Love New York/Money. That's it. What the frak is up with that? I came to New York expecting to bump into celebrities and then be so non-chalant about it that they fall in love with me ask and me if I'd like to go out dinner with them and their friends from Gossip Girl later. What is the point in living in a big city if you never get to gawk at celebrities? I'm not asking for JGL to excuse my allergies, I'd settle for that Kirstie Alley wannabe repremanding me when I burped. Just give me something!