Jul 21, 2010

Fuck Staycation, Give Me A Gaycation!

Tomorrow morning I leave for vacation again. (I'm spoiled, I know. White privilege. Whatcha gonna do about it?)

(Please don't actually answer that and make me feel terribly guilty.)

The first stop on my whirlwind tour of the Midwest (aka Michigan and Illinois) is Gull Lake where I shall be helping Sarah babysit some kids. I can't fucking wait for this. There is nothing more fabulous than kiddie dance parties. Look at a picture of a little girl in dress-up lipsyncing to Britney Spears and then a picture of a drag queen doing the same. Practically no difference at all when it comes down to it.

So in honor of all the fierceness that's about to happen on hopefully the biggest gaycation I'll be on until Sarah and I take Las Vegas (Celine here we come!) below are some pics of one of my main STG (short, trashy, gay) boyfriends.

Ok, if I can be honest here, these pictures aren't exactly in honor of my gaycation. I saw on Twitter that Google Images got a makeover and wanted to test it. My brain went on autopilot and googled one of my favorite all-time searches: Jensen Ackles gay. There were so many new entries that I felt they needed to be shown to the world as soon as possible. 

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  1. We've been over this. He's not short. But trashy and gay? ABSOLUTELY!