Oct 17, 2009


I just finished watching the Psych finale and I really don't know how it happened but that show is just one of my favorites. I always loved it. I'm probably about 50% of the fanbase, the other 50% being my friend Thomas (he's also the one I watch My Boys with, no surprise). I honestly can't resist a show that gives fake aliases (another example: Veronica Mars) and makes Fast & The Furious references while in the midst of an intense car chase. Oh, and it has two people from Disney Channel Origianal Movies starring in it plus Bud from the Cosby Show. My heart just welled up when Juliette was about to tell Shawn she loved him but then was crushed when he called her Abigail. It really put a damper on my morning so to cheer me up I needed to watch my go-to Psych video which I am now sharing with you, probably not for the first time either. I hope you appreciate the piAAAno as much as I do because that's clearly the best part.

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