Sep 21, 2009

Weekend Highlights

So my sister visited over the weekend and it was pretty awesome. I'm too lazy/watching The OC at the moment to actually develop a well-written post about it so instead I'll give you a quick Best-of-line-up.

1. My dad asked to have some of my roommates snapper in exchange for his sausage
2. My dad said "I'm thinking about using The Craigslist"
4. Went to a Satanic themed birthday party
3. At the party Emi slapped someone after they grabbed her stomach (huge no-no, in case you didn't know)
4. Said someone then thought the appropriate response to someone slapping him was to kiss my roommate's neck and then my sister's
5. Emi walked down the street yelling about herself pooping
6. Emi told all my friends about how her boyfriend used to call me "period girl" when I started going through puberty
7. My Grandma turned 95 and my aunt and uncle wrote a horribly un-PC limmerick about her (they said she was a Jewish menace and insulted her tennis skills)
8. Emi woke up on the bathroom floor and hadn't been drunk the night before. She then learned that she had gone into my roommates room at 3 am. Then she realized she couldn't find her pants. We tear the apartment appart only to find them in the outdoor hallway at the top of the basement stairs, the door to which had been opened. We still don't know why this happened.

Oh, and they started selling my sister's comics at Desert Island here in Williamsburg. Hurray for her!

So if you just add about 30 PBR's and four bottles of wine that's my weekend in a nutshell.

1 comment:

  1. I don't remember yelling about pooping.

    Also, do not forget the fact that we ate mac and cheese like three times in my short visit, which is awesome. Also, you tried crab rangoon for the first time AND at one point all three of us passed out on your futon together.