Sep 2, 2009

It's Been 84 Years and I Can Still Smell the Fresh Bling

So I was just perusing facebook and came across a fan page for everyone's favorite necklace: The Heart of the Ocean. I told my roommate, excited about my new Internet find only to have my joy crushed with ignorance.

"What is the this? Heart of the what?"

Fool! So now I'll have to take her to the Titanic exhibit in New York (second time in the last six months, third time ever). I hope her guilt and her gratitude will maybe influence her to buy me said necklace as a thank you.

Also, it's just been a Titanic kind of day. In my Public Radio Culture class in addition to drawing a cat in pajamas I also drew a "I'll never let go, Jack-a-lope" cartoon.

RIP Jack Dawson, too young to die.

1 comment:

  1. You need to send me that drawing. Also, can we time my visit to coincide with the Titanic exhibit? And can we save our pennies and then buy HOTO necklaces at the end? And then beat our chests like Celine?