Jun 9, 2009

Hi Ho

So since my surgery I've been watching a whole heck of a lot of television, which means I've been subjected to that Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty boy band commercial innumerable times. Not only does that song get stuck in my head, torturing me for the rest of the day, but that face! That tall, skinny face tortures me as well.
I knew I recognized him from somewhere, but I just couldn't place it and for the first time Google left me hanging. But there I was, not just five minutes ago, fixing my ponytail when it hit me--Syndey Fucking White! Apparently his name is Jeremy Howard and now that I've figured out who he is I could care less about him.

This discovery does have another added perk though. While on the Imdb page for Sydney White I saw that I had already once clicked on a cast member's name, a mister Jack Carpenter. I had completely forgotten about Sarah and I's old crush and his upcoming role in I Love You, Beth Cooper (no Moonlight affiliation, sorry). Jack then reminded me of my most recent love, Ezra Miller. If you've seen the Royal Pains premier (I kind of hope you haven't, the show blows) you may have noticed a young rich kid Tucker with my heart in his hand. You, like I, then may have recognized Tucker/Ezra from a recent SVU episode about sexting with a surprise LOL factor of about 8 (they do a sting courtroom operation involving Ezra with an awesome accent and all the usuals playing new roles-ie: Dr. Wong as a defense attorney). Unfortunately, Ezra has baby face in photographs but I sense a good and high trash level in person which makes up for it. So here are some these newly found and remembered loves of mine. I hope everyone else's week have been just as exciting and productive as mine.

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  1. I'm SO relieved you figured out where he was from!