Apr 8, 2009

Glamour-ughhh (Flossy, Flossy)

So I was just catching up on some blogs after class today and was reading an article on Jezebel about how Glamour did a "Best Suit for Your Body" kind of deal and actually showed different bodies. Yay, for them and all that. I do have to give them credit for showing off different bodies but I just cannot believe how terrible wrong their advice was for a girl in my situation. I fall under the category of "busty" and according to Glamour 1/2 of the best suits for me are essentially crap.
A bandeau top? Are you kidding me? And that blue onesie is none the better. They also have to be joking with that bottom left purple triangle top. I had to abandon triangle tops before I was abandoned body glitter! They even say in the Do's and Dont's to abandon the triangle. It just really irked me because us busty, skinny girls have a real issue finding fitting swimwear and it can be done! This spread is just the opposite of helpful. Just because a suit comes in "D" or "DD" does not actually mean it is meant to hold in twins that big. Last year though, I was able to find a swimsuit in my size (30G) that was a cute bikini and not a tankini. So for anyone else out there who has trouble getting cute, fitting, and not outrageously expensive swimsuits or bras check out Figleaves. It is my God (but hopefully only until June 1 when I say goodbye to Mary-Kate and Ashley and say hello to cheap Target swim suits!)

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  1. I love this post for many reasons. Here are two.

    1. I'm considering making "I had to abandon triangle tops before I was abandoned body glitter!" the header on my blog like how I'm on yours.

    2. Old Navy cheap swim suits are MUCH better quality than Target. As in, they will last you more than three trips to the pool.