Mar 30, 2009

Only My Boyfriend Gets to Touch My Hair and Eat with his Mouth Full

So every week we gather in Kelly's room and every week we gather hope for this week's episode to mark the triumphant return of Gossip Girl and every week we are left saying "I think next week's going to be good though." Our level of unhappiness is shown in the heightened time we allow ourselves to watch One Tree Hill to satisfy our need for absurd drama. Today it was up to twenty minutes. I do actually have some hope for next week though. This week's was better (all the Derota face time), though I did have to hold down some vomit during the Chuck/Vanessa nastiness. It's even worse knowing they do that in real life too. I was also very proud of myself for totally calling that the fanmail was from Dan's brother (I'm going to kill Writing Teen Fiction next semester. Absolutely kill!).

But Ok, I didn't really have anything to say about Gossip Girl. I just wanted an excuse to post that picture of Dream Me with Dream Boyfriend with Dream Hot Dog. The only thing that could make that picture better was if Kristen Bell was eating something with cheese on it that was toasted. Now that'd be perfection.

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