Nov 2, 2008

R.I.P. Beaver, ILU Desmond

Don't you ever just wish fictional characters were real? I do. More so for Desmond Fellowes than anyone else. For most of you I'm sure you have absolutely no idea who he is. Well, he's this guy:And no, that is not Paul Rudd. That is Desmond Fellowes from My Pretty Pony. Ex-rockstar, druggie, drunk, and hack. He also happens to be hilarious and the love of my life. I will be forever grateful to Veronica Mars for bringing Desmond into my life, and for just existing in general. For all of those who haven't seen VMars, you have not lived yet. While it may sound terrible and cheesy (cute little teenage girl moonlights as a P.I. while balancing solving crimes and maintaining some sort of social life in Neptune, CA) it's not. I was once a non-believer, just like you. I started watching V with my friend the same summer we rented Popular and Sweet Valley High and a surplus of other terrible-awesome shows (except SVH-that was just terrible). Veronica Mars is not like that. Somehow they make all the insane story lines believeable and Veronica Mars is my sassy idol (the first thing I asked my mom for when I moved to NYC was a taser so I could kick ass like VMars). My point is: when I create a machine that can turn fictional people into real people, my first order of business will be Desmond. The second will be Brad Pitt, but that's a whole other post.