Nov 24, 2008

A Red Ribbon, Chocolate Cake, The Chokey, and Rusted Root?

So my friend Alexandra got a very late birthday present today which consisted of two cards and a cd of a band we'd never heard of. But some of the words used to describe them were "progressive" and "African" so they sounded pretty much right up her ally. Lo and behold, when we played the disc it had that song from Matilda! No, not Little Bitty Pretty One. It was the other one. That no one really knew what they were saying but it was sang along anyways.

The music video then shortly came to my attention and it is a work of genius. Pure genius. I think the poncho in the beginning sets the tone for the rest. I'm sorry I can't embed it, but check it out. Laugh, think of how much you wanted magical powers and this in the soundtrack to your life. I'm sorry