Jan 6, 2011

New Year, New Love

I've made a lot of mistakes in the past month. A lot. In fact, today I swore off drinking after last night's train wreck. (Though, we all know that won't last long.) But in these past few weeks I have made one of the greatest decisions of my life:

I started watching Parks and Recreation.

I started yesterday afternoon and I'm now almost finished with Season 2. But while the show is hilarious, the real reason I can't stop watching is my new boyfriend Chris Pratt.

I developed a minor crush on Chris way back in the day when he was on Everwood. He kept me watching that b.s. for far too long. It was kind of ridiculous. He also had the same affect on me and The O.C. Season 4. I watched almost half of that shit show because of his fine, bearded Brown student self.

But Parks and Rec has been such a game changer for me. It's so great to be able to enjoy watching Chris Pratt and enjoy the show I'm watching at the same time. Plus, he's 6'2", moved to Hawaii with his friends when he was 19 where he was then discovered at a Bubba Gubba Shrimp Company and his nickname is "Monkeyboy."

Can't you already see our embossed wedding invites?

Well, I guess first you'd have to see the divorce announcement for him and Anna Faris. A small price to pay for my happiness though. And frankly, I think it's worth it. I mean, he kind of is my ideal man. He's tall and...um, how do I say this...soft? Comfortable? Like a giant human pillow? Just like Jason Segel but two inches shorter? He also plays guitar and musicians love me. I don't give a crap about music so I don't really know why I only seem to date people who want to do that shit for a living. Mystery!

But to sum it up, we're a match made in heaven.

And yes, this picture happened:



  1. I cannot believe you were not already watching Parks & Recreation. It is pretty much the best thing ever and the reason I am sort of in love with Aubrey Plaza. I mean, really. How great is she, right? So great.

  2. Dude! I am fucking obsessed with her. She also played Donald Glover's love interest in Mystery Team. She's kind of my hero.

  3. I like to pretend that season 4 of The O.C. never happened.

  4. Gah you've convinced me to start watching Parks & Recreation. Also, I totally forgot about Everwood... used to be obsessed with that shiz. & who knew the asshole jock from it was really an awesome person in real life?

    & the picture of him eating mad pasta or whatever... proof you two are made for each other.