Jan 17, 2011

I Need A Drummer Boy (And Other Music Videos)

The other day I was explaining how I have a weakness for pop songs infused with marching band beats or any sort of drumline action. Then today Sarah posted an absurd music video on my wall that featured a drumline (or as we like to think of it, a tribute to Drumline) which got me in the mood for a marching music vid marathon. I have decided to share the highlights with you loyal readers in the hopes that maybe after this I won't be the only one with a pop-march fetish. (Note: I only included ones that allowed me to embed videos. That meant the sacrifice of such beauties like Trick Daddy's "Shut Up.")

The One That Started It All
This is the video Sarah showed me that inspired this post. It's fabulously idiotic. Needless to say, I'm obsessed with it from start to finish. Why are they nurses? Why are they in a fake Target? So many questions and frankly, I don't care if I ever get the answers.

The Classic
This song was so overplayed the year it came out I'm still a little tired of it. Though, I did totally forget about all the amusing costumes (racing jumpsuit!), Pharrell, and how fucking awkward her strut is which made this trip down memory lane pretty damn enjoyable.

The Wannabe Slutty One
I'm sure it's no surprise that my favorite of all these drum songs is a slutty one — even though the poor girl really sucks at being slutty. The fabulous outfits and hilarious dancing more than make up for it though.

The Really Slutty One
I just don't even have words for this one except these bitches put Alesha to shame.

The One I Totally Forgot About
I love me some Destiny's Child (I think that's kind of assumed). But unless I'm listening to my Get Slutty playlist I totally forget about "Lose My Breath." It just sort of gets lost in the muddle of "Say My Name," "Jumpin Jumpin," "Bug A Boo" and all that. I don't know how I ever forgot about this video though. The whole weird doppleganger battle is fucking awesome along with their (slightly confusing) outfits.

The One From That Movie I Never Saw
There is seriously nothing better than Outkast when you're stoned and this was song was my fucking summer chill jam a couple years ago. I had never seen the video before though and that is a shame because this shit is trippy as all hell. I feel high just watching it right now.

The One From That Movie I've Seen Multiple Times
I'm kind of obsessed with Stick It. Really, I just love anything about gymnastics or figure skating. Those are the only sports I give a shit about (unless you count the Dillon Panthers and East Dillon Lions). I'm just stoked that Missy Elliot made such a badass theme song for the greatest (and only) movie I ever dipped out of school early to see on opening day. (Though I did get invited to skip school with a bunch of my friends the day Ray came out.)

And while we're talking about music videos I just have to add in my new obsession. This one is also thanks to the forever inappropriate Sarah. Even if you didn't watch a single one of the videos I just posted, watch this one. It's my new anthem.


  1. Thanks for the shout outs. Those two videos have def changed my life. I watch Pretty Girl Rock so much. It's like my new favorite TV show that's not a TV show.

  2. Keri sure rocks the costume changes. Can I get some of her wigs???