Jan 20, 2011

Chace Crawford: Gayer Than You Think

When it came to Gossip Girl I was always more of a Chuck Bass fan myself, but after seeing his fine ass in person and then watching my new favorite horrible movie Twelve I've gotten pretty into Chace Crawford. Though, not as into him as I was when he was slated to star in a Footloose remake. Him backing out of that gave me major blue balls. Its not even funny. But long story short: I developed a little crush on Chace and that crush has grown into full-fledged love after doing a Google search and seeing just how flippin' gay he is! It kind of has me speechless so I'm going to allow the photos to speak for themselves:
He's giving head to a beer bottle for chrissakes! And you know who Baby Chace reminds me of? My #1 fake gay: Jensen Ackles! It's no secret that Jensen and co-star Jared Padelecki can't keep their homoerotic chemistry in check either on-or-off set and the same goes for Chace and his former roommate and BFF Chuck Bass.
Plus, both Jensen and Chace did sensitive cowboy photoshoots in their past. Drool!
Also, no straight man who isn't Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone or Chris Kirkpatrick should have this many pictures with JC Chasez.
Case closed.


  1. BAHAHAHAHA k sadie im seriously laughing out loud. This is possibly your best blog post ive read. Miss you! <3 mik

  2. Why does he have so many pictures with JC?!?!?!? WEIRD
    You have successfully convinced me.